What Is Reiki

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a massage for your mind, body & spirit

In a relaxed state, our physical bodies promote healing from within. We are alive because life energy flows around us and through us. The free and balanced flow of positive energy is the cause of our well-being. It nourishes our organs, tissue and cells, supporting vital functions. When this flow of energy becomes disrupted or blocked, bodily function becomes diminished. It is these disruptions that are the main cause of illness.

Your energy depletes with poor nutrition, lack of quality sleep, toxic environment and with negative thoughts and feelings. When we have positive optimistic thoughts, we increase our positive energy flow, helping us to feel better overall.

A Reiki session provides a "massage" for your mind, body and spirit. You will come away at the end of your 60-minute session feeling completely relaxed, balanced and in a positive mind-set. Plus you will very likely have an interesting story to tell about what you were thinking, feeling and seeing during your session.

Reiki is capable of developing positive traits within us including patience, love of self and others and non-competitiveness. It empowers the ability to forgive and develops a higher gratitude for friends and family, and for all we have experienced.

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Reiki raises your vibrations in and around the physical body where the negative energy has attached. This vibration causes it to break apart and fall away. You sometimes experience tingling or hot or cold sensations when blockages are released. Now your physical body is able to complete its own healing process.

benefits of reiki

. relieves all types of stress affecting the body

. aids in lessening of symptoms of any illness like multiple sclerosis, cancer, and heart disease

. alleviates symptoms of minor conditions like headaches, skin issues, colds, fatigue, & insomnia

. reduces negative side effects of surgery and chemotherapy

. promotes faster healing times for injuries like broken bones, cuts, bruises and burns

works in harmony with other treatments and helps shorten healing timeframes

. amplifies goal manifesting

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  • * Used as part of regular patient care in many hospitals across the U.S.

    * Offered in conjunction with psychotherapy to improve healing from emotional trauma

    * Helps prepare you for surgery, reducing recovery time afterward

  • * Fosters tissue and bone healing after injury or surgery

    * Improves memoryImproves sleep

    * Reduces pain and tension

    * Reduces anxiety