the need for balance

Your aura continually changes based on your current circumstances, stress levels, thoughts and feelings – both conscious and unconscious. It is also affected by your current state of health or need for healing.

So now you know why the “energy” of other people has a positive or negative impact on you.

Your aura, chakras & meridians are all connected. Chakra is an Indian name which means ‘wheels spinning’. The majority (seven) of these energy points are located from the top of your head to the base of your spine. They control the health of the systems in your physical body (see below). Each of these energy centers have thousands of spokes, like a wheel on a bicycle, and they are spinning. When the spinning slows down in any one of these energy centers, it can affect the balance of that area of the body.

interesting fact

You carry health symptoms in your energy field before they appear in your physical body. And because the flow (or lack) of energy from one day to the next is not something you are usually directly aware of, some symptoms from imbalances can take years if not decades to manifest physically.

But the great part is, it won’t take years to begin healing. Use Reiki as a preventative or healing measure.

crown chakra

corresponding Body System: nervous system

corresponding Organs: pineal gland, upper brain, & right eye

imbalance: causes feelings of isolation and depression

balanced consciousness & spiritappreciate inner and outer beauty with increased awareness, wisdom, & intuition - then find the ability to express the way you feel

third eye chakra

corresponding Body System: pituitary gland

corresponding Organs: lower brain, left eye, sinuses, ears, nose

imbalance: causes headaches or sight problems

balanced perception & intuition: find your sense of purpose and direction in life – in addition to connecting to your inner vision, understanding, inspiration, calmness & focus

throat chakra

corresponding Body Systems: respiratory system

corresponding Organs: lungs, vocal chords, teeth

imbalance: results in throat or respiratory disorders

balanced expression & metabolism: empower your communication and organizational skills. Find a sense of responsibility while living in and speaking the truth

heart chakra

corresponding body systems: circulatory & immune system

corresponding organs: heart, blood, thymus

imbalance: results in circulatory system disorders

balanced compassion & generosity: find more peace, sympathy, trust & forgiveness. Normalize your heart rate and create new cell growth.

solar plexus chakra

corresponding Body Systems: nervous system

corresponding Organs: pancreas, stomach, liver, digestive tract, skin

imbalance: causes mental upset, digestive issues, or nervous system disorders

balanced vitality & self-esteem: find willpower, intellect, personal power, enjoyment of life, self-esteem & motivation

sacral chakra

corresponding body systems: reproductive & immune systems

corresponding organs: gonads, ovaries, kidneys, bowels

imbalance: creates conditions related to your immune system or sexual issues

balanced self-respect & happiness: increased creativity, confidence, humility & joy, along with the ability to manifest your desires & aspirations

root chakra

corresponding body systems: adrenals & circulatory system

corresponding organs: spine, legs & arms

imbalance: manifests in bone or reproductive problems

balanced strength & grounding: gain the ability to focus on physical goals related to career, money-mindset and sense of belonging. Improve your will to live, increased fertility, self-awareness, courage, & passion

don’t be anxious about anything, but in every situation by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds.

Philippians 4: 6-7