How Do You Process the Grief Emotion?

How Do You Process the Grief Emotion?

Grief isn’t easily defined. Many of us associate grief with the passing of a loved one. At least that was my personal association with the concept. Deep mental anguish is the formal definition, but it makes sense that everyone feels grief in different ways.

Everything Happens for a Reason

How long does grief usually last? I used to feel like I was something wrong with me when I wasn’t “grieving” as much as the next person at the passing of a close family member or friend. Did I have a hardened heart? And why? Do I block emotions that should be expressed in order to live my life to the best of my ability? No, there is nothing wrong with me. In order to experience life fully, we all need to learn from each event thrown at us. I can’t stress this enough, everything happens for a reason.

We can’t let the hard situations keep us in a lower vibration of fear and pain that will easily keep us in a negative cycle. When we allow ourselves to gain the knowledge meant for us and then move on, we live in a more positive space and will maintain a more peaceful daily life – not feeling the extreme ups and downs. It does take hard work, but we are all capable.

God is in Control

How does one experience the needed emotion, but not let it overtake their life? The experience is different for each of us.

I recently felt the pain of grief when my mother passed on to her heavenly home. However, I realized I have been slowly grieving the loss of her for some time now. She has not been the same person I knew growing up for over the past 20 years. The symptoms of Parkinsons and Dementia took her from us and from herself at a time when she should have been able to enjoy interacting with her beautiful grandchildren as they became adults. Writing her obituary and giving a eulogy at her celebration of life service was the therapy I needed to heal emotionally. In doing this action, I realized how much I like writing. When I have the chance to express myself on paper, I feel more alive.

Fully giving myself up to the plan God has for my life is a something I have to remind myself to do on a daily basis. Feel free to act on those nudges and paying attention to ‘coincidences’ that lead you further down the path you are meant to be on.

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